9:11 Blues
Oxingale Records, 2015

Composer: Toby Twining

Cello: Matt Haimovitz

"In "9:11 Blues," Toby Twining has written a very human and expressive work, one that uses microtones -- those notes in between the cracks of a keyboard -- to make the cello sound like a frayed-voice singer wailing in pain and protest." - Chris Pasles, The Los Angeles Times

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Cantaloupe Music, 2011

“The music has such immediate appeal and is so emotionally expressive that the album can be appreciated by traditional listeners willing to dip their toes into music from off the beaten path, as well as die-hard fans of the avant-garde. Highly recommended.” —Stephen Eddins,


Chrysalid Requiem
Cantaloupe Music, 2002

“There’s good music, there’s great music, and every once in a while there’s mind-blowing music. I can’t recommend this disc highly enough.”
—Payton MacDonald, American Record GuideBuy Chrysalid RequiemBang On A CaniTunesAmazon


Music for Toy Piano, Satie Blues
Point Music Ltd, 1997

arr. for toy piano and piano by the composer

Composer: Toby Twining
Piano: Margaret Leng Tan

"Composer/vocalist Toby Twining's music and voice can be heard on his CD Shaman, featuring his vocal quartet, Toby Twining Music. Twining had made an earlier vocal arrangement of Satie Blues for his group. The version for toy piano and piano is probably the first-ever composition featuring this unique blend of instruments." - Margaret Leng Tan


SONY, 1994

“Twining weaves a geometric pattern of works that curl strangely at the edges…”
—Glenn SwanAll

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